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Resume Analysis and AI Sentences

# After you login into the, Please click on "Start Here" at the top menu bar(navigation bar), you will land on upload page. On this page you will see option to include Job Title, Job Description, Name of the company, Job Description URL and option to upload your resume.

# Most popular formats of the documents are support and these include .docx, .pdf and .txt. Current there is no support for .doc format

# AI generated sentences rely on Job Title so that most relevant sentences are suggested. It is necessary that Job Title should be provided without fail and should be accurate Job Title for the Job Description

# Both "Company name" and the "URL (Link to Job Posting) are for your reference, so that when you visit Dashboard and look into the list, it is easy for user to relate the earlier Job analysis against the company name

# Key skills: These are the skills that have been identified as a requirement in the Job posting. We collect these skills form the job posting that have been provided, and we check if these skills exist in your resume. We calling this as Key Skill Matching. The percentage score that is provided is the percentage of skills that you have in your resume against all the required key skills. We are utilizing a third party database of all the skills that exist today and this database keeps getting updated once every 2 weeks.

# Keywords and Key phrases - These are some of your capabilities, skills, expertise, experience, etc. that the recruiters look for. The ATS scanners will scan for these as well, and many times its word to word comparison that is done, so it is important for you to include exact words in your resume for greater chances of visibility. Today, Most of the ATS scanners utilize Natural Language Processing to scan, and compare the resumes with job postings. After scanning, these system rank the applicants and even reject them if the rank is low. We use the similar natural language processing the extract keywords and key phrases, and provide you with percentage score similar to above "Key Skill" score, so you can see what improvements needs to be done to match the job posting.

# If your score for either "Key Skills" or "Keywords and key phrases" is less that 100%, You will see a table with list of Key skills, Keywords or Key phrases. The last coloumn in these tables with heading as "AI Suggested Sentences", you will find the AI suggested sentences, that you can utilize in your resume. Please review them and understand the sentences, so that you know if the sentnces and skills are something that you need.

# The AI suggestions are provided, so that its easy for you to rework on your resume. Its easy to compare the Keywords, skills and phrases, but the largest effort is to include them in the resume. Please review them and understand the sentences, if possible, you can combine 2 or 3 sentences by phrasing to that you can keep resume shorter. Imaging if you get 30 AI suggested sentnces, your resume will be much bigger than what is is right now, if you include all the 30 sentnces. Also, if you do not have expertise or do not possess the skills, I would suggest not including those sentences. If you must include, then prepare on that subject before any interview.


# We use Stripe payment software integration, which uses multiple payment gateways. You can visit Stripe Here to learn more. Stripe is used by millions of companies of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500s in their business.

# Credit concept is simple. If you want to use the resumate AI application, you need to buy Credits. Each credit allows you to use one transaction, i.e., one comparison of Job posting and resume, along with scoring and AI suggestions.

# Credits never expire. All unused credits are accumulated and added to your previous credit balance. Example, if you had 30 credits left over in the previous month, the following month will have these carried over credits in your account balance. Credits cannot be transfered between accounts. If you think a credit was consuned but the application malfunctioned without any outout or only partial output, then please contact support for resolution of the issue with Credits: Resumate AI Support.

# If you need more credits, please contact support and we can send you the link for additional credits. If the urgency is high, You can subscribe again to gain immediate access to credits and then to cancel your earlier subscription, please contact support and we will ensure that you do not have 2 subscriptions. Our support link is : Resumate AI Support.
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